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Show me those funky notes ‘The script will write itself’: How the WGA strike could backfire on writers

IB Economics Syllabus: Microeconomics (Market Structures, Labor Market, Technology and Economics)

Automated Scripts: The Potential Repercussions of the WGA Strike on Screenwriter

The ongoing strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the potential accelerated adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Hollywood studios and streaming services could have profound implications on writers and the film and television industry. The article explores the history of Hollywood strikes and their aftermath, highlighting how such work stoppages have shaped the industry’s business model and speculates on how the strike might press the studios’ initiatives to develop AI, thereby altering the status quo in Hollywood.

IB economics (IA) commentary suggestions:

This article is great for an IB Economics IA, offering a detailed look at the microeconomic elements within the US film and television industry, such as labor market dynamics and market structures. You could explore the strategic behavior of studios and the implications of AI adoption on the industry.

The use of AI can reduce production costs, increasing the profitability of studios (this can be shown in an oligopoly diagram with profits), while a labour market diagram could show a potential fall in demand for the labour of writers and actors in the long-run. As for the key concept, I’d use change.

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