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I’m giving you IB Economics revision notes, which are:

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About the author

My name is Daniel Szekely and I work as an IB Economics tutor, examiner and teacher. Having earned an MA degree in Economics at the University of Aberdeen, I became a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley, one of the largest investment banks of the world. Yet, despite the promising career prospects of the banking industry, I decided to make a larger social impact by becoming a teacher.

I’ve been teaching specifically IB Economics for over 9 years and currently I’m a teacher at SEK Budapest International School. I started EconDaddy as a simple blog to share great articles with students taking IB Economics around the world to use for their commentaries. Being an IB Economics examiner, I’m the one sitting on the other end after the exams are taken, so I truly know how to boost my students’ marks at school and make them ace the exams.

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Textbooks are extremely long, some are over 700 pages. While they might be excellent when you study concepts for the first time, notes prove much more useful when you need to revise quickly and effectively for your IB economics tests at school or the final exams.

While there are some good revision guides out there, these are crammed with information on long pages. On top of that, as they are printed, you cannot open them up wherever you are. My notes are put together to help easy memorization, just check them out to see the difference for yourself.

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Daniel, thank you so much for all your help, you truly saved my a** from the exams… You’re the best tutor ever!
Cem Unlu
IB Economics HL student, Russia
I would have been doomed without you. I am so glad you helped me!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!!
Ian Michael Novack
IB Economics SL student, Spain

EconDaddy’s awesome materials have been developed independently and the content of this website is in no way connected with nor endorsed by the International Baccalaureate Organization. Although Daniel Szekely is an IB Economics examiner contracted by the International Baccalaureate Organization, he does not represent the Organization.


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