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Daily News Hungary: 2024 to Bring Inevitable and Brutal Price Hikes to Hungary

Article published: 23 October 2023

IB Economics Syllabus: Macroeconomics (cost-push inflation)

A recent article in Daily News Hungary paints a concerning picture for the Hungarian economy in 2024, forecasting inevitable and brutal price hikes. This situation is indicative of the broader challenges faced in managing inflation and its impact on the economy, particularly in the context of fiscal and monetary policy decisions.

IB Economics (IA) Commentary Suggestions:

For your IA, this article provides a rich basis to analyze the causes and consequences of inflation in Hungary, and how it is indicative of broader macroeconomic challenges. Focus on the role of both fiscal and monetary policy in addressing inflation. You can use the AD-AS Model (Aggregate Demand-Aggregate Supply) to illustrate how increased costs of production are generating cost-push inflation. Discuss the potential impact of these price hikes on various economic indicators such as consumer spending, investment, and GDP growth. It’s also important to consider the socio-economic implications, such as the effect on living standards and income inequality. Furthermore, evaluate the potential responses by the Hungarian government and central bank, considering the trade-offs they might face in stabilizing prices while maintaining economic growth. The key concept to focus on in this article is the economics well-being.

Source of image: Daily News Hungary

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