Global debt in one infographic

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Global debt in one infographic

The Visual Capitalist: $69 Trillion of World Debt in One Infographic

Article published: Nov 14, 2019

IB Economics syllabus: macroeconomics (the government budget, public debt), development economics (international debt)

While this is not an article for your Internal Assessment, it’s a great visualization of all the $69 trillion of world debt that exists currently (as of late 2019). Dark purple countries have a relatively low debt to GDP ratios (debt as a percentage of GDP) but countries that are in light purple, orange or yellow are in trouble: their debt is larger than 100% of their GDP. This means that the total national income (all the incomes added up in the country: all the rent, the wages, the interest and profit) accumulated over a whole given year would not even be enough to pay back their total debt.

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Source of image: Jeff Desjardins, The Visual Capitalist

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