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IB Economics tutoring prices (for 60 min. lessons)

Save me! (1 lesson)

  • ✓ Instant help for your upcoming test

3 lessons

135per lesson
  • ✓ Get commentary guide pdf
  • ✓ Cover a topic you got stuck with

5 lessons

120per lesson
  • ✓ Get commentary guide pdf
  • ✓ Personalized learning plan
  • ✓ Free revision of chosen commentary

10 lessons (best value)

100per lesson
  • ✓ Get commentary guide pdf
  • ✓ Personalized learning plan
  • ✓ Free revision of ALL commentaries
  • ✓ Free revision and grading of a mock exam

Group lessons

You can share the cost of lessons if you want to, just bring your friends. Although I won’t be able to make the lesson personalized, group lessons are a great way to cover a topic – at low cost.

As the pricing above is for my time, just because more of you come, I won’t charge you more.


4 absolutely honest reasons why you DON’T have to “be afraid” of paying via credit/debit card

Every bank has a so-called chargeback option in case of online credit/debit card payments. In other words, if there is a transaction executed with your card that you have not approved, you can always intervene by getting in touch with the customer service of your bank. And they will get the money back onto your account.

In reality all the card info that you type on this form is actually part of Braintree’s website (and NOT EconDaddy’s one). If you check out the sourcecode of this order form, you’ll see that Braintree’s website is invited through the use of iframe technology, and therefore you are providing the card info to them directly and not to me. Security at first – I agree!

No owner, manager or editor of EconDaddy’s website will ever see, store or even know your card details. These go directly to Braintree owned by PayPal.

As my service is based on tutoring, the trust of my clients (students and their parents) is of utmost importance to me. In such a personal  field as education, losing my credibility would mean that no-one would recommend me to others and I would soon go bankrupt. Even the slightest shadow of a doubt that I misuse your card information (which I do not get btw) would mean the end of my business.

Braintree is owned by the world’s most trusted payment service provider, PayPal. Companies such as Uber, GitHub, DropBox, Pinterest and AirBnB also use Braintree.

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