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The Economic Times (The Times of India): Qualcomm to pay $975 million fine over Chinese anti-monopoly claim

Article published: Feb 10, 2015 – out of date: no longer suitable for your IB Economics commentary

IB Economics syllabus: Microeconomics HL (monopoly power, collusion), International Economics (protectionism)

China has stepped up against large firms violating anti-collusion laws. This time, Qualcomm is to pay $975 million fine as allegedly, it  colluded with another firm and together they “abused their dominant market position by charging excessive fees.”

At the same time, many think that these kinds of fines (which usually penalize foreign firms) are a form of protectionism by the Chinese Govt’. Indeed, it charges domestic companies less frequently.

A good article to use for either collusion (and anti-monopoly regulation) or for (non-official form of) protectionism.

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