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As a practising IB Economics tutor, teacher and examiner, I have collected the 5 most important tips you should follow in order to get top marks.

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As a practising IB Economics tutor and teacher I have read and marked hundreds of commentaries. In this PDF Guide I have collected the 5 Top Tips to Ace Your Commentaries to make sure you get full marks.

Instead of just giving you a short list of these 5 tips (which you can read below), in this guide you will get detailed solutions, common mistakes and good advice with which you can certainly get more marks for your IB Economics IA.

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The feeling when you get back your draft IA with low marks after spending those long hours working on it…


… is what you won’t have if you polish up your commentary using this guide.

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“Hey, It did help me a lot! So far I have handed in 2 of the commentaries and I got 13 out of 14 on both of them. And I still have one year left of the IB. We have had mock exams and I got a 7 in economics so I’m very happy about that! It’s amazing that you make short courses like that, it really helps!”
/Anne – 2nd year IB Economics student/

“I really appreciate all the hard work you took in making that document. It was so helpful in the writing of my Commentary. I don’t know what I would do without it. In addition, I was also able to successfully write my Commentary with the help of the other resources you offer. Thank you so much!!!”
/Richard – 2nd year IB Economics student/

“I must say your advices were very helpful to me. I got 12/14 out of two of my commentaries, which I consider a success. Thank you very much!”
/Magdalena – 2nd year IB Economics student/

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found your suggestions very helpful. I’m reading it as I make edits for my commentary right now! :)”
/Monica – 2nd year IB Economics student/

About the author

 Professional background

My name is Daniel Szekely and I work as an IB Economics tutor, examiner and teacher. Having earned an MA degree in Economics at the University of Aberdeen, I became a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley, one of the largest investment banks of the world. Yet, despite the promising career prospects of the banking industry, I decided to make a larger social impact by becoming a teacher.

I’ve been teaching specifically IB Economics for over 9 years and currently I’m a teacher at SEK Budapest International School. I started EconDaddy as a simple blog to share great articles with students taking IB Economics around the world to use for their commentaries. Being an IB Economics examiner, I’m the one sitting on the other end after the exams are taken, so I truly know how to boost my students marks at school and make them ace the exams.

Daniel Szekely, IB Economics tutor, teacher and examiner

What my students say

Working with you saved my IB score! I was pleased with my end results and am very thankful that you spent the time helping me achieve my goals.

Working with Daniel was a pleasure. Through my experience with him, I was able to achieve my goals and feel confident as a student. It was well worth it!

William Gillis, IB Economics HL student, Canada

Daniel, thank you so much for all your help, you truly saved my a** from the exams… You’re the best tutor ever!

Cem Unlu, IB Economics HL student, Russia

Hello Daniel, I made it. Intentional part at paper 2 was hard but developmental was good. Paper 3 wasn’t too hard. It’s all you man. Thank you!

David Shpilman, IB Economics HL student, Russia

Thank you very much for all the help you gave me in Economics. At the start of the IB I wasn’t looking like getting a 6 but with your help I managed it. Thank you very much!

Alessandro Poynton, IB Economics SL student, Switzerland

I would have been doomed without you. I am so glad you helped me!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!!

Ian Michael Novack, IB Economics SL student, Spain


I know you work hard and that you don’t have a lot of time, so let’s see what you’re getting in this guide.


Content: 5 Top Tips to Ace Your Commentaries

  1. Choose a good article

  2. Make an outline

  3. Nail your diagrams

  4. Master your evaluation

  5. Avoid technical mistakes

What’s in the box?

  • Breakdown of the 5 top tips

  • Solutions on how to avoid them

  • Good advice and tips on how to further improve your commentary

Have a look inside:

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