IB Economics Exam Revision Course May 2023

A super-intensive 2-day live online revision course led by an IB Economics examiner to make you smash πŸ‘Š the May 2023 IB exams 🎯.

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SL: 26-27 April, 2023

HL: 13-14 May, 2023

πŸ‘‰ right before the exams

What you get:

✍️ 15 hours of super-intensive exam prep course right before the exams in two days (see schedule below)

πŸ“„ A completely original practice exam full of questions that are likely to come up

πŸ™ŒΒ Your answers marked by a real IB Economics examiner

🀩 Instant access to the Complete IB Economics Revision Notes package that covers the whole syllabus

πŸ’¬ Q&A session to answer all your questions

Breakdown and Schedule of the IB Economics Exam Revision Course ⏰

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Do you feel you’re on your way to failing the exams? Or are you afraid of not getting that 6 or 7?

You don’t need to. Even if you feel lost when it comes to economics due to a weak teacher or low motivation or anything really, I’m here to help you with this course. It takes two days and I’ll give you everything you need to boost that IB Economics grade. You should be the one to smash the exams, not the other way around! So let’s see what the course is all about:

Course description

The course (both at Standard Level and Higher Level) consists of 10 sessions in two days. Each session is 90 minutes long and there will be 2 in the mornings and 3 in the afternoons. Altogether this adds up to 15 hours of intensive exam study, right before the exams.

In such a short amount of time, our focus will be on specific exam papers instead of trying to go through the whole syllabus. Thus the course essentially is about going through all the possible (and likely) questions that could come up and providing model answers to them. The relevant schedule of each course is shown below: SL or HL Exam Revision Course Schedule.

Sessions are live streams with shared video and are delivered using Miro.com’s interactive whiteboard to which all students get access. Students can certainly ask quick questions during the sessions, but for specific questions that require a more detailed answer, there will be a Q&A session in the evening of Day 1.

Moreover, you’ll not only get access to all my Revision Notes that cover the whole syllabus at no extra cost, but you’ll also receive an original practice exam for all the papers that you’ll have weeks before the real exams. If you return your answers to those practice papers to me latest by 30 April, 2023, then I will personally mark it for you, giving detailed comments on your answers. Therefore, by the end of the course all students who have attended each session and have written their practice papers will be equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the IB Economics exams.

Day 1 – 22nd April, 2023

5 sessions, each 90 minutes + Q&A session, time zone: Central European Time

Topics covered Starts Ends
Paper 1: Microeconomics 8:30 10:00
Paper 1: Microeconomics 10:15 11:45
Paper 1: Macroeconomics 13:00 14:30
Paper 1: Macroeconomics 14:45 16:15
Paper 1: The Global Economy 16:30 18:00
Optional: Q&A session 21:00

Day 2 – 23rd April, 2023

5 sessions, each 90 minutes, time zone: Central European Time

Topics covered Starts Ends
Paper 2: Short questions – Microeconomics 8:30 10:00
Paper 2: Short questions – Macroeconomics 10:15 11:45
Paper 2: Short questions – The Global Economy 13:00 14:30
Paper 2: part g) 15 marker essay questions 14:45 16:15
Paper 2: part g) 15 marker essay questions 16:30 18:00

Day 1 – 13th May, 2023

5 sessions, each 90 minutes + Q&A session,Β time zone: Central European Time

Topics covered Starts Ends
Paper 1: Macroeconomics 8:30 10:00
Paper 1: Macroeconomics 10:15 11:45
Paper 1: The Global Economy 13:00 14:30
Paper 2: Microeconomics short questions 14:45 16:15
Paper 2: Macroeconomics short questions 16:30 18:00
Optional: Q&A session 21:00

Day 2 – 14th May, 2023

5 sessions, each 90 minutes, time zone: Central European Time

Topics covered Starts Ends
Paper 2: The Global economy short questions 8:30 10:00
Paper 2: part g) 15 marker essay questions 10:15 11:45
Paper 3: calculations part 1 13:00 14:30
Paper 3: calculations part 2 14:45 16:15
Paper 3: part b) essay questions 16:30 18:00

What my students say

“I absolutely wouldn’t have been able to get this 45 without your help. Your kind approach to teaching and solid explanations were key to helping me do well not only in the EE but also economics as well πŸ˜„

Josh, November 2022, Australia
“Both kids appreciate how you teach, your preparation and breaking down of concepts into bite sized information so they start loving and getting confidence in the subject vs. being scared. That is your special talent and commitment. A BiG THANK YOU to you on this.”
Salman (Parent), South Africa

“I miss our lessons so much!!!! Literally the only good thing about IB.”

Anastasia, May 2021, Switzerland

“I am really happy with the exams i feel like i did really well. The questions were really similar to what we had practiced and i even prepared that exact P1 question the day before. Paper 2 went well as well. I might have made a few mistakes on my 15marker but all my 4marks questions went well. Both P1 and P2 were macroeconomics policies (supply side monetary and fiscal).”

Victor, May 2022, Dubai
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“I also wanted to say thank you for all of the teaching sessions and for making sure that I always understood whatever topic I was trying to learn. The way you taught using Miro made economics very easy to understand and enjoyable, which made me want to pursue learning the subject at University. I also really appreciated the help you gave me with my commentary IAs, and enjoyed the discussions we had about historical and current events.”

Tim, May 2021, Bahamas

“Thanks for all your superb help with exam revision a true life-saver πŸ™πŸ™ Don’t be surprised if I need your help in the near future πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚”

Youssef, May 2022, Oman

IB Economics Exam Revision Course Fee


This includes full access to the Complete Revision Notes as well as an original practice exam that will be personally marked for you by me (a practising IB Economics examiner).

* Students who have purchased any of my services, are eligible for a discount. Get in touch for details.

About the Course Leader

My name is Daniel Szekely and I work as an IB Economics tutor, examiner and teacher. Having earned an MA degree in Economics at the University of Aberdeen, I became a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley, one of the largest investment banks of the world. Yet, despite the promising career prospects of the banking industry, I decided to make a larger social impact by becoming a teacher.

I’ve been teaching specifically IB Economics for over 10 years and have been an examiner since 2014. This has allowed me to mark over 1500 live exam papers over the past years. Being an IB Economics examiner, I’m the one sitting on the other end marking students’ papers, so I truly know how to boost your performance and make you ace the exams.

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SL Exam Revision Course

26-27 April 2024

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HL Exam Revision Course

13-14 May, 2023

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