5 Pro Tips For Writing an IB Economics IA

Getting top marks for your commentary (IB Economics IA) is pretty difficult, especially if it’s your first one. A lot of IB Economics students lose quite a few marks around the world because their teachers don’t give them a clear explanation of what and how to do when it comes to writing their commentaries.

This is why I collected the 5 most important things you must do to get a top grade.

It is based on my experience of marking hundreds of IAs at my school over the years. Essentially, I’ve done 2 things: (1) a short video series, explaining each of the pro tips in detail, and (2) a downloadable free PDF Guide.

Check out the video below which is the intro and make sure to watch all the 5 videos that follow.

Have a look at the detailed videos about the 5 topics you need to get right:

If you’re interested in the Free PDF Guide, check it out below:

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