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Should you need help with your commentary, Extended Essay or any other assignment you will be provided with:

  • detailed comments
  • suggestions for improvements
  • recommendations as to the economic theory that should be applied
  • help in choosing the most relevant diagrams to use
  • a formal assessment (with the criteria and marks) as if I were the examiner marking it


Commentary revision - by EconDaddy

  • ✓ full revision
  • ✓ comments for improvement
  • ✓ grading against criteria
  • ✓ free commentary guide
  • ✓ 15 min. Skype discussion

Extended Essay revision - by EconDaddy

  • ✓ two full revisions
  • ✓ comments for improvement
  • ✓ grading against criteria
  • ✓ 3 hours of Skype discussion

Do you need a quick revision instead?

Commentary revision - by Tanishka

  • ✓ full revision
  • ✓ comments for improvement
  • ✓ free commentary guide
Tanishka Deora
Tanishka DeoraIA Review Expert
Tanishka is a former IB student (41/45; 7 Economics HL) in her 4th year studying undergraduate Economics in the Netherlands. She will give you pro feedback to improve your IB Economics IA.

How do I find a good article to start with?

I collect current articles that are suitable for the IB Economics Internal Assessment (commentaries) on my blog.


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