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Starting the IB?

Source of originial pic: funnyordie.com OK, let's make things clear at the beginning: The IB is tough, but it's by far not as bad as the fake picture shows above. On the contrary, and especially for IB Economics, you can score well pretty easily if you follow my advice below. Here are [...]

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No matter which IB Economics exam paper you're answering, accurately using definitions is key to get good marks. When you show the examiner that you know what the question is about, you've already laid down the basis of a great answer. If you use vague definitions or don't even include them, then you send the message [...]

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Read the question

Although you might not feel as comfy during exams as this little chap at the beach, take our advice and make sure you READ THE QUESTION. Many students lose points just because they have not read the (full) question or that they have not considered the whole of it. We understand that the exam is [...]

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